The Team

Binaa Edwards

Travelling Groom

Binaa has come down from Huddersfield to begin her career working on a dressage yard. She brought with her a wealth of experience in various equestrian yards but this is her first dressage competition yard. She has the perfect attributes for a travelling head groom. She comes from a farming background so is practical, helpful and always willing to assist together with being extremely hard working.


David Crockford

Office Manager

David is Sarah’s partner and runs Millstones with Sarah. They have together built up their business successfully, and planned all of the building and development so that now we can all enjoy the fabulous facilities.


Hayley Dumbrell

Senior Groom

Hayley is highly experienced and has worked with horses all her life, she always remains calm, optimistic and her attention to detail is highly important in the care of the horses.


Jodie Edwards

Yard Manager

Despite being the youngest member of the team she is invaluable ensuring the yard runs smoothly seven days a week. She deals with the general supervision of the team, orders feed, organises the farriers, vets, osteopaths etc and enables Sarah to focus on training and competing.


Kally O’Keeffe


Kally is the newest and youngest member of the team and has been involved with horses from a very young age. She is an active showjumping competitor and has a great natural empathy with the horses.


Kate Moisson


Kate deals with booking Sarah’s training sessions and clinics as well as dealing with the social media and works hard to keep us all organised, a difficult task.


Kathryn Menzies

Assistant Rider

Kat has been with us since 2016 and is a talented rider who supports Sarah in the day to day training of the horses. She has been involved with horses all her life and is a dedicated, calm and intelligent rider with a natural empathy to the horses


Sarah Millis


Sarah deals with all the training and management of all the horses at Millstones.


Our Support Team

We work hard to take a proactive approach using proven scientific methods towards preventing sports injury.Each team member works together to provide a joined up approach with our horses’ care.

Eamon McLaughlin – Vet
Mike Williams – Farrier
Liz Oakenfold – Osteopath