Sarah Millis

Sarah is 37 years old and is one of the most experienced international dressage riders in the UK representing Great Britain at a record ten European Championships at under 21 level. Regarded as one of the most talented riders in the UK.  Sarah has trained with Kyra Kyrklund and Richard White for the past 16 years and was based with them in the UK for 3 years before moving to Millstones

Sarah started her International career at the age of 11 representing GB at the Pony European Championships. This started the precedent and she continued to represent GB at European championships for the following nine years. Her introduction to ponies was aboard the chestnut mare Virginia (Sox) who was found in Holland, had no papers and subsequently we have no idea what her breeding was but she was a strong character!! She was a truly talented mare and Sarah admits that much of her success now is attributed to her. When Sarah was too old for ponies Sox continued to help other riders gain experience and help them on to the Dressage ladder, representing GB at a further two European Championships making her tally of European Championships an impressive seven.

Ludo was the next stepping stone and at the time had already been to one European Championship as a 6 year old with Kate Johnson. He took Sarah to four European championships, two at Junior level and two at Young Riders. The sport dictates that you have to keep moving forward and with this in mind, Lothar was purchased, who took Sarah to her final Young Rider European Championships in Rome and then subsequently introduced her to senior international competitions.

Following on from her Under 21 years Sarah had two horses headed by Korenbloem O’Neill (by Jazz) who introduced her to Grand Prix. He was bought as a three year old, and produced some good results at Grand Prix on the international circuit. His half brother Timberland (Barry) a 2001 Jazz black gelding competed successfully at Small Tour.

In recent years Sarah has enjoyed success both nationally and internationally with Katja Kuistila’s HP Frontier and Hofjuwel including Nations Cup selection with both horses. Her own Furst Rubin had many international successes at Small Tour before moving to the USA. Her current rising star is her own Behroez who has been very successful at Small Tour and Middle Tour and will shortly begin campaigning at Grand Prix during 2019.

You can see details of the current horses in the “Our Horses” section and keep up to date with how they are doing in the News section.

Sarah enjoys all aspects of equestrianism and is always keen to try new things. Overall, dressage and the horses are her life, she gains so much enjoyment not just from the international shows but equally from training the young horses and helping others attain their dreams.